What Discipline,  Selecting a Vehicle, Obtaining a Cams License, Safety Gear, Short Circuit Vehicle Specifications 

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has offices in several states throughout Australia. Its representatives and affiliated clubs will assist you along the path to reach your goal in the field of motor sport.

There are many different disciplines and levels of the sport, which include motor racing, rallying, sprints, hillclimbs, off road racing and motorkhanas. These events cater for everyone and allow interested persons to enter the sport and its many levels from the beginner to the more experienced.  It is your choice as to how much you wish to spend to see how fast you want to go.  On the other hand there are events in which you can compete in your everyday runabout, whatever it may be.  You can become a top line competitor or just run at club level events, it is all great fun.


Decide on which discipline
Once you have decided which discipline of motor sport you wish to participate in, the next step is to join a CAMS affiliated car club in your area.  CAMS Qld can be contact on (07) 3368 2911 , or the Short Circuit Motor Sport Assn on ((07) 4635 6997  . Either will be able to advise you on the type of events the various clubs conduct and which would most meet your needs.  They will be able to put you in touch with any clubs in the area in which you reside.  It is wise to attend a club meeting of the club you have chosen to join, to ensure that they conduct the type of club level sport to which you wish to participate in.

 Selecting a vehicle
After deciding which discipline you intend to compete in, the next step is to decide whether to purchase a vehicle to compete in or build your own. Before taking this step it is wise to consult with a CAMS accredited scrutineer.  Your club will be able to put you in touch with a reliable scrutineer, or someone who can give you information on the various safety features which are to be built into the vehicle, or what is required in a vehicle you intend to purchase.  Does the vehicle have a CAMS log book, or does the vehicle require a log book.  If the vehicle you are purchasing has a log book ensure that the log book stays with the vehicle and is transferred into your name.  If the vehicle has to be log booked your club secretary or CAMS will be able to supply you with the necessary paper work to have the vehicle log booked.

 Obtaining a CAMS Licence
After deciding on which discipline you intend to compete in and have obtained a suitable vehicle, and joined a motor sport club.  The next step is to obtain a CAMS competition licence.  There are several types of licences and they vary with the type of event you a competing in, for instance circuit racing, superkart, rally, off road, Historic and Level 2.  Without knowing which discipline you are going to compete in, I am unable to advise on these licences but your club secretary or CAMS office will be able to advise on this matter.  All licence categories costs etc can be found in Appendix R of the 2004 CAMS Manual of Motor Sport.

 Safety Gear
We will start at the top and work down. As protection for your head is very important, the standard helmet, which is approved by the FIA for international events, is also accepted by CAMS. All competitors who compete in all types of races, speed events and other events require that helmets of a standard design be worn. All helmets must carry the standard markings as approved by CAMS e.g. AS1698. There are quite a few other standards which are approved by CAMS, and can be found on page 6-9 of the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport (Schedule D). If the helmet does not carry the required standards marked on it, it may be knocked back at scrutineering. There are many good helmets on the market, and before obtaining a helmet, I suggest you discuss the matter with a reputable seller of motor gear, as he will be able to advise you.

If you are competing in an open car goggles or a visor must be worn. Any type of goggles or visor with glass lenses of any kind are not permitted. Lenses of plastic
material must have high resistance satisfactory optical qualities complying with Australian Standard Specifications AS1609 1981.
Clothing all drivers in circuit races or practice are required to wear overalls homologated to the FIA 1986 standard, or FIA 8856-2000 standard, also socks, shoes and gloves which respect the design parameters set out in that standard. Copies of the standard can be obtained from CAMS State Office.

Wearing of balaclava and underwear is highly recommended. Again, there are many very good types of overalls, etc, available on the market and can be obtained from any store who stocks motor sport gear for speed events e.g. sprints etc.

In all events no driver shall participate in any event wearing unsuitable and inappropriate footwear for example no thongs, roman sandals or high-heeled shoes are allowed while competing in your vehicles. Clothing and footwear of flammable synthetic material, such as nylon, is not acceptable.

More information can be found in current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport, or from your club secretary who should have a manual.


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